About Anna Feldbush


PhD Student, School of Neuroscience


Anna previously studied neuroscience at New College of Florida, receiving her B.A. in 2022. Here, she worked with fNIRS to assess executive functioning throughout the menstrual cycle. Anna has been participating in research since childhood with notable awards including Best in Fair in Florida and 2nd place at the International Science and Engineering Fair for her work in biomedical engineering. She has presented her research to an international audience including the general public, patent officers, and nobel laureates. In her free time, Anna enjoys sailing, hammocking, and baking bread.


Anna Feldbush is a PhD student in Virginia Tech's Neuroscience program. She aims to understand how stroke impacts somatosensory signaling through the nervous system. To do this, she is examining what factors impact sensory signal loss from the site of stimulation to eventual perception. She utilizes a combination of neuroimaging, peripheral nerve assessment, and custom system design to observe and measure peripheral nerve, brainstem, and the brain's response to tactile stimuli.

Contact Information

Email: feldbush22 (at) vt.edu