About Mackenzie

Short Biography

Mackenzie Gray is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University through the MS/BS program. Prior to attending NU, Mackenzie was a competitive gymnast and member of a track and field team. Now, Mackenzie takes any opportunity that she can find to be outdoors and active: running, hiking, cycling, and just exploring the places she travels.

Research Interests

Mackenzie's interest in robotic and prosthetic technology allows her to connect her mechanical engineering background with her athletic experience to pursue a deeper understanding of the whys and hows that govern human movement and sensorimotor control. Her interests in the intersection of these areas contributed to her decision to join the Robotics and Sensorimotor Control Lab, where she is developing an electromechanical device to create artificial tactile stimuli for use with individuals post stroke.

Contact Information

Email: mackenziegray2021 (at) u.northwestern.edu