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Some Amazing Travel Tour Guides

Jordan: Khaled was simply amazing -- a great heart and a great person! His contact information is: professional.tourism@yahoo.com and Jordan Magictours.
Siberia: Denis Sobnakov -- I loved my short stay in Ulan-Ude, in large part because of Denis. He created the awesome Ulan Ude Travelers House, and he is a joy to spend time with learning about Buryats and Russia!
Genoa, Italy: Francesco Comparato -- During my two years in Italy, I had the opportunity to greatly improve my cooking skills with this professional cook (trained in Italy, France, and England, and taught in Japan and Italy). Moreover, Francesco is a professional in Shiatsu massages, and I can highly recommend! Given Francesco's holistic approach, be it massage, cooking lessons, or both, I recommend to all the opportunity to learn about how to live a much healthier and fulfilling life through lessons with him. His contact e-mail is fruky76@gmail.com.