About Katie

Short Biography

Katie Mumford is currently an undergraduate student studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Northwestern University. She is passionate about robotics, medicine, and the development of medical devices. Katie is a recipient of a grant from the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program. In addition to leading her World Championship qualifying high school robotics team, Katie previously worked as a Software Engineer at MedAssent--a biotechnology start-up dedicated to making health-care more accessible. She trained an AI chatbot and used data analytics and beta tests to improve the platform for Russian, Chinese, and Spanish users. In her free time, Katie loves baking, running, and writing musicals.

Research Interests

In the future, Katie intends to work in medical device development and improve both the accessibility and efficiency of medical care. Within the RSC Lab, Katie is focused on developing robotic devices to investigate the causes of post-stroke sensorimotor control deficits.

Contact Information

Email: katiemumford2024 (at) u.northwestern.edu