Who am I?

I grew up in a warm, loving home in Columbus, OH and am one of five children. My parents wanted an even number of kids however, to everyone's surprise, in month eight of their last pregnancy they learned they were having identical twins -- Danna and I.

Gurari Family Picture -- June 2009

My childhood was based around gymnastics, and most of my last years were spent at Universal Gymnasts, Inc. under the guidance of Bret Norman, with the assistance of Olympian Kelly Garrison. A highlight of my gymnastics career was representing the USA in the International 1999 Pan-Am Maccabi Games in Mexico City, Mexico and winning the team gold medal. During my younger years, I also actively studied Spanish, ran Varsity Cross Country (Team Captain, 1999-2000), and gained an appreciation for nature through the environmental club (Vice President, 1999-2000) and year-long studies+educational trips to Costa Rica and Andros Island, Bahamas.

Gymnastics Picture

I left home at 18 to pursue my undergraduate studies in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. Some of my non-academic highlights include participating on both the Varsity Gymnastics and Track teams, studying Hebrew and Russian, running a marathon, sky diving, and scuba diving.

Galapagos Picture

Directly after my undergraduate studies, I arrived at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD to pursue a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. During my studies, I also had the opportunity to train and teach capoeira, participate in outdoors activities (hike/backpack, bike, climb, run), practice yoga, and dance (salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha-cha-cha).

Yoga Picture

Since receiving my PhD, I had a number of influential international experiences, backpacking around Asia and then moving to the heart of Genoa, Italy for a two year research position. While in Italy, I spent my free time training capoeira, dancing salsa, and learning both formally and informally the Italian language, European culinary skills, and about the general culture.

Phillipines Picture

Now I am back in the good ol' USA, and more specifically, in my roots of the Midwest for a great research opportunity in the Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences Department of Northwestern University. I am enjoying Chicago, Illinois with its Midwest feel in a big city. I am currently passionate about the culinary exposure and opportunities in the city, be it from eating in unique restaurants, discovering new ingredients in the grocery stores, or taking classes in formal learning settings. Aside from my time spent in the kitchen, I am keeping myself active with Ashtanga yoga and regular runs along the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Who am I not?

To the best of my knowledge, I am the only Netta Gurari in the world. It seems that someone in Africa has used my identity on facebook, including my photo. Additionally, it seems that someone in Mongolia has also used my identity and created a Wayn profile. Good entertainment -- but not me.